Covid-19 Update July 17, 2020

With the growth of Covid in Texas and Bell County, it is a wise choice for most of you to stay home an live stream our service at each Sunday at 10:30. Old sermons are posted on our website at However, at this pint, we continue to give you the freedom to choose to come in person for small group Bible Studies at 9:15 and Worship at 10:30. With the increased numbers live-streaming, we can discontinue the 8:00 service on July 26 as long as we can effectively distance at 10:30. We strongly recommend the wearing of masks when you are walking around and not sure you will be socially distant. Family units stay at least 6 feet apart. We clean surfaces before and after you touch them. Washing your hands for 20 seconds with soap kills Coronavirus. All other activities including Sunday Evenings and Wednesday Evenings are postponed at this time including Vacation Bible School and choirs. Our decision to allow in-person small group Bible Studies and Worship is not made lightly nor arrogantly. God has not promised us an immunity because we attend church and we are aware of our responsibility to the community. If someone tests positive in your small group Bible study and they attend the previous Sunday, your small group should take a Sunday off to give a two-week cushion. If we start having instances where people caught Covid at church, we will again pause for two weeks. If there is another shutdown, we will choose to conform. Nobody knows how long we will have to coexist with Covid-19. Our option to gather according to the dictates of our conscious and worship God is an essential activity an one of our greatest freedoms. We do not want to take that choice away from you. I trust you to be aware of the risks, pray it through, and obey what God tells you to do.

Thank you for your continued generosity in giving through our website. We are doing well financially.

Pray for God to use this to humble nations and bring revival. 

Pray for God to turn away this pestilence.

Pray for God's protection over this His church.

Pray for members who have contracted Covid somewhere else and are battling to recover.

Pray for those who have lost jobs.

Pray for God to give wisdom to our leaders.

-Pastor Ron

9:15 Small Group Bible Studies

10:30 Worship for all ages


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    9:15 Small Group Bible Study

    All Ages 10:30

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  • Wednesday & Sunday Evening Activities

    All Wednesday & Sunday activities have been paused until further notice.